How to start?

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How does GoCatchMe work?

GoCatchMe shows you unknown people in your area who have turned the app on.
People around
Based on a challenge, choose the person you want to catch.
Choose person
You have 30 minutes exactly to get closer to the person in a distance of at least 20m. GoCatchMe navigates you to the selected person such as in the game „Hunt the thimble“.
30 minutes
If you are successfull, mobile phones will beep both of you. Then it depends on you if you go for a beer or a drink. You can talk together, fullfill the challenge or you can catch another users.
Meet new people
At the same time you will get points on your account. If not, the points are obtained by the person that you catch.

How to make your own challenge?

Just write a challenge and wait for someone who is interested in you and will catch you. (The more interesting the challenge is, the more people are interested in you.)

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